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Find connections between websites

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What are the reverse types?

Website Connections

This tool shows all possible connections between websites. Data is broken down by month (then the factors which are used to make the connection must appear in the same month) or regardless of time (then the factors can appear even in different years). This often results in revealing the owner of the site, even if it is hidden behind a private registration.

WHOIS Records

You can use the WHOIS database to search for other websites of the same owner or registrar. Our tool allows you to search not only using the domain name, but using any phrase, such as the person’s name, company name, etc. The data is broken down by month.

IP Address

This tool will allow you to check all websites that are or have been assigned to the IP address. Data is broken down by month.

Google Adsense & Analytic Tag

Webmasters and site owners often leave fingerprints in HTML codes of websites, which enables to find websites that appear to be unrelated to each other or use private registration feature. If the same Google tag is placed on multiple sites, it means that the same person or company have access to visit statistics and earnings reports for those sites, and it is highly likely to own all of those sites.
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